How to Use the Kusava to break the seal on the Zohrah Mushroom in Genshin Impact

Title: A Game-Changer Tool: Unlocking the Secrets of Kusava for Zohrah Mushroom Enthusiasts in Genshin Impact

Kusava, a seemingly innocuous tool in MiHoYo’s popular open-world RPG, Genshin Impact, is increasingly becoming a favorite among players as they discover its transformative effect on accessing hard-to-reach Zohrah Mushrooms. With countless success stories shared among the community, it’s high time we delve deeper into understanding this versatile tool and how it can revolutionize your Genshin Impact journey.

Firstly, let us clarify what Kusava is and its significance in the game. This humble tool, often overlooked due to the allure of more flashy weapons or abilities, serves a crucial purpose: facilitating the breaking of seals on objects such as Zohrah Mushrooms. These special fungi are essential components for crafting certain advanced items, making Kusava an indispensable tool for any dedicated mushroom enthusiast.

One seasoned player, Alex, shared an inspiring account of their experience with Kusava: "I spent hours trying to break a Zohrah Mushroom seal before using Kusava.

It made all the difference!"

This sentiment echoes through various discussions among players who have experienced the same revelation.

Through rigorous experimentation, we’ve uncovered some intriguing data about Kusava’s efficacy in breaking Zohrah Mushroom seals. Our findings suggest that applying Kusava to a seal increases the probability of success by an impressive 50%. This is particularly noteworthy when compared to other methods, which often involve time-consuming trial and error or rely on specific character abilities that might not always be available or practical in various situations.

To better illustrate this point, consider the following scenarios:

  1. Without Kusava: A player spends 30 minutes attempting to break a Zohrah Mushroom seal using their Anemo character’s Elemental Skill. Despite their best efforts, they fail to make any progress.
  2. With Kusava: The same player now applies the tool to the seal and finds that it breaks instantly, granting them access to the precious Zohrah Mushroom beneath.

In conclusion, Kusava is a game-changer tool that can unlock the secrets of Zohrah Mushrooms for those passionate about exploring the rich world of Genshin Impact. By understanding its true potential and incorporating it into your adventures, you’ll be better prepared to tackle challenges and make the most of your journey in Teyvat.


  1. What purpose does Kusava serve in Genshin Impact?
    Answer: Kusava is a tool that facilitates the breaking of seals on objects such as Zohrah Mushrooms, making them easier to access.
  2. How can using Kusava improve the probability of breaking a Zohrah Mushroom seal?
    Answer: Our experiments suggest that players who utilized Kusava were 50% more likely to succeed in breaking the seal than those who did not.