How to Use the Kusava to open up the path in Genshin Impact

Title: Mastering Kusava in Genshin Impact: A Beginner’s Guide to Unlocking Hidden Pathways and Elemental Reactions

Welcome, explorers of Teyvat!

In this guide, we delve into the powerful tool, Kusava, used in Genshin Impact for clearing paths, defeating enemies, and discovering new areas. Newcomers and veteran Anemo users alike will benefit from understanding its unique properties.

Section 1: The Power of Kusava

The Kusava is a vital tool in Genshin Impact, enabling players to create and manipulate elements. Mastering it unlocks hidden potential in Teyvat’s magical landscapes.

Section 2: Techniques for Effective Use

Three techniques for using the Kusava efficiently include:

1. Clearing Obstacles: Create wind currents to move large objects.
2. Creating Elemental Reactions: Combine with Geo or Hydro elements to produce Swirl or Crystallize reactions.
3. Navigating Secret Pathways: Use observation and manipulation abilities to discover hidden paths.

Section 3: Expert Opinions

Lily, an Anemo-focused player, emphasizes the importance of Kusava for exploration and discovery.

Closing Thoughts: The depth and complexity of Genshin Impact are further showcased through the Kusava’s abilities. Stay tuned for more tool, element, and character discoveries.


1. How to use Kusava effectively in Genshin Impact?
Answer: Experiment with combining the Kusava with various elements and obstacles to create reactions, clear paths, and uncover hidden areas.
2. Can Kusava be used for combat?
Answer: While not its primary function, the Kusava can be used in combat situations to create elemental reactions or dislodge enemies from hard-to-reach places.