Mastering Playmaking Badges in NBA 2K23: Top Picks and Strategies for Success

Get ready to revolutionize your NBA 2K23 game with our expert guide on the Best Playmaking Badges. These in-game attributes significantly enhance your player’s abilities, transforming average players into formidable forces on the court.

Playmaking badges are game-changers:

These essential in-game attributes grant advantages like improved ball handling and passing accuracy for creating shot opportunities for teammates. By mastering playmaking badges, you can dominate the game and outsmart opponents with impressive moves, passes, and dribbling skills.

Success Stories with Playmaking Badges:

Professional eSports athletes like "Moody_Fresh" and "NBA2K_Jordan" have attributed their success to mastering playmaking badges. Their ability to control the game’s tempo, create scoring opportunities, and make pinpoint passes has made them formidable opponents in the competitive NBA 2K scene.

Top Playmaking Badges:

  1. Ankle Breaker (AB):
    This badge improves your dribble moves, enabling you to shake defenders effortlessly with an array of advanced ball-handling techniques. Upgrade AB to leave opponents in the dust and create open lanes for teammates or your own shots.

  2. Hesitation Ball-Handler (HBH):
    Adding this badge to your player gives them a hesitation move, making it harder for opponents to steal the ball. With HBH activated, you can feint in one direction before changing course, leaving defenders guessing and struggling to keep up.

  3. Post Playmaker (PP):
    Enhancing post skills and passing ability in the post is crucial for controlling the paint. The PP badge boosts your player’s effectiveness when playing in the post, making them an unstoppable force in close-range situations.

  4. Pickpocket (PK):
    A valuable asset for both defensive and offensive playstyles, the PK badge increases steal frequency and effectiveness. With this badge, you can pressure opponents into making turnovers or create fast-break opportunities when stealing the ball yourself.

  5. Dimer (DIM):
    Boosting passing accuracy and assist potential is a game changer for any player. The DIM badge allows your passes to reach their intended targets more accurately, enhancing your team’s overall performance and efficiency.

Strategy to Master Playmaking Badges:

  1. Practice drills in MyTeam or Pro-Am modes:
    Hone your skills by practicing drills specifically designed for mastering playmaking badges. Focus on improving ball handling, passing accuracy, and dribbling moves under pressure.

  2. Analyze professional NBA players’ moves and replicate their playstyles using the corresponding badges:

    Study top NBA players like Magic Johnson or Ben Simmons and learn how they use specific badges to dominate the game. Adopt their strategies and incorporate these techniques into your own gameplay for optimal results.

  3. Experiment with different combinations of badges for optimal synergies:
    Unlocking new badges through Virtual Currency or real money VC Packs allows you to fine-tune your player’s build. Consider the interactions between various badges to find the perfect combination that suits your playstyle and complements your teammates’ strengths.


  1. Cannot change badges during a game:
    Keep in mind that once you’ve set up your player’s badge configuration before starting the game, you cannot switch them on the fly. Be sure to choose wisely based on your playstyle and the specific matchup.

  2. Unlock new badges through Virtual Currency or real money VC Packs:
    As you progress in NBA 2K23, you will earn Virtual Currency by completing various tasks and achievements. Use this currency to unlock new badges or purchase VC Packs to gain access to exclusive content more quickly.