Mastering Warzone 2 DMZ: Efficiently Collecting and Extracting Four Enemy Dog Tags

In the Battle Royale game Warzone 2, DMZ (Damavand Tactical Reconnaissance Force Zone) features dog tags as collectible items. This article guides you on efficiently looting and extracting four unique enemy dog tags.


  1. Choose a primary weapon with good accuracy like the M16A4 or M4A1, and a secondary weapon such as R9-0 or X16.
  2. Equip a large backpack and essential gear: Heartbeat Sensor for detecting enemies and Field Upgrade for additional abilities.


  1. Locate enemies using the Heartbeat Sensor before engaging. Try taking them out quickly with precise shots.
  2. Once down, swiftly loot enemies by pressing the interaction key to search for items, including dog tags.
  3. Collect up to 4 unique dog tags. Each tag has a distinct emblem representing various factions or units within Warzone 2’s DMZ.


  1. Ensure there are no nearby enemies and select an extraction point (Exfil Trigger) on the map.
  2. Interact with the Exfil Trigger to initiate the extraction process, defending against waves of enemy soldiers during this period.
  3. Successfully defend until the "Extraction Complete" message appears on screen.


Collecting dog tags adds depth to your Warzone 2 experience and reveals new challenges and rewards. Master the art of looting and extracting while uncovering their unique stories within this tactical combat world.