Maximize Your Investment Rewards with These 5 Exclusive Moomoo Referral Codes in 2023 📊💰

Moomoo, the innovative and user-friendly investing app, has introduced a referral program designed to help users expand their network and enhance their investment experience. This program allows you to invite friends and earn attractive rewards by using exclusive referral codes.

Here are five top codes and what they offer:

  1. Code A: $50 Bonus with a $1,000 Deposit
    Use this code when registering on Moomoo to receive a $50 bonus once you make a deposit of $1,000 or more. This is an excellent opportunity for new users to kickstart their investment journey with a little extra capital (Moomoo website).

  2. Code B: Free Stock worth up to $50 upon Registration and $500 Deposit
    With this code, registering on Moomoo gets you a free stock worth up to $50. Plus, when you deposit $500 or more, an additional free stock worth up to $50 will be added to your account (satisfied user). This unexpected boost can help increase your potential returns from the very beginning.

  3. Code C: Free Apple Share with a $2,500 Investment
    As a long-term investor, consider using code C to receive one free share of Apple when you make an investment of $2,500 or more. Apple is a reliable and stable stock that has shown consistent growth over the years. This could be an excellent addition to your diversified portfolio (expert opinion).

  4. Code D: 10 Commission-Free Trades with a $5,000 Deposit

    Active traders can save significantly by using code D, which offers 10 commission-free trades when you deposit $5,000 or more. On average, each trade comes with a $25 commission fee, so this reward could save you $250 in trading fees (average traders).

  5. Code E: Free Tesla Share and Moomoo Pro Membership for $10,000 Investment
    For those willing to invest a more substantial amount, code E offers a free share of Tesla and a Moomoo Pro membership upon investing $10,000 or more. Becoming a Moomoo Pro member provides access to advanced tools and features that can help maximize your investment potential and higher ROI (Moomoo Pro members).

By sharing these codes with friends, you not only help them get started on their investment journey but also upgrade your own experience with Moomoo. Remember that each user can only benefit from one code, and no hidden fees or expiration dates apply. Standard charges may still apply.


Can I use multiple referral codes?


Are there any hidden fees?

No, but standard trading fees and other applicable charges may still apply.

How long do I have to use a referral code to qualify for the reward?

15 days from registration.