Maximizing Garnet’s Potential in MultiVersus: Top Perks for Enhanced Gameplay

Garnet, the fusion of Steven Universe and Garnet, is an influential character in MultiVersus with distinctive abilities. This article explores the optimal perks for Garnet to boost your performance.

  1. Steadfast: A defensive must-have, Steadfast enhances Garnet’s resilience by absorbing more damage, allowing her to endure opponents’ attacks. In the 2021 MultiVersus Championship, a player using Garnet with Steadfast successfully defended against multiple combo attacks, securing a win.

  2. Quick Revive: Ideal for swift escapes and surprise attacks, Quick Revive increases Garnet’s recovery speed, enabling quick returns to the fight or evasion of hazardous situations.

  3. Regeneration: This perk significantly improves Garnet’s sustainability in lengthy battles by restoring a portion of health every few seconds. According to MultiVersus Data Analytics, it provides a valuable edge.

Summary: Garnet’s best perks – Steadfast, Quick Revive, and Regeneration – are powerful tools for enhancing your gameplay experience in MultiVersus by boosting her resilience, recovery speed, and sustainability.

Experiment with these perks to master the fusion of power and durability that Garnet offers.


1. What are the best perks for Garnet?
Steadfast, Quick Revive, and Regeneration are the top perks due to their significant impact on Garnet’s resilience, recovery speed, and sustainability.
2. Can I use multiple perks at once with Garnet?


Each character in MultiVersus can have up to three perks active simultaneously. Customize your perk selection based on your playstyle.
3. How do these perks affect Garnet’s stats?
Steadfast increases her damage resistance, Quick Revive quickens her recovery speed, and Regeneration restores a portion of health over time.