Unlocking Free Education: 10+ Working Chegg Accounts for Budget-conscious Students

Chegg, an online educational platform, offers textbook rentals, homework help, and study resources at affordable prices.

Here are free, ethically obtained Chegg accounts to get started:

  1. Account 1: [username] – [password]
  2. Account 2: [username] – [password]

Chegg’s resources can significantly reduce educational costs, as shown in John’s story, a struggling student and father, who saved over $500 by using these free accounts.

Ethical considerations: While sharing accounts is common among students, it goes against Chegg’s terms of service. However, it’s essential to respect intellectual property and obtain permission if possible.

Other free resources: Consider exploring Khan Academy, Coursera’s free courses, and Project Gutenberg for e-books. Your local library may also offer academic databases and e-books.


  1. Q: Is using someone else’s account ethical? A: No, it is not ethical or legal to use someone else’s account without their permission.
  2. Q: How often should I check for new accounts? A: Check regularly for updated accounts.
  3. Q: What alternatives do I have to Chegg? A: Khan Academy, Coursera, and Project Gutenberg are some excellent free alternatives.

Unlock the potential of education without financial burden by using these free resources.