Unlocking Room 302 in Warzone 2 DMZ: A Comprehensive Guide

Unlocking Room 302 on Warzone 2 DMZ’s top floor offers an exciting challenge and potential rewards for adventurous players. Here’s a step-by-step guide to help you access this elusive room.


Familiarize yourself with Warzone 2 DMZ rules and mechanics before attempting to unlock Room 302.

**Step 1: Gather Key Intelligence**

To open Room 302, obtain the specific key by purchasing intel at Buy Stations or scavenging the environment. Every piece of intel is valuable.

**Step 2: Find the Correct Combination**

Head to Room 302 with your key and enter a unique sequence of numbers to unlock the door. The combination can be discovered through online resources, trial-and-error or asking fellow players.

**Unlocking Experience:**

I discovered the Room 302 combination through an online forum filled with Warzone 2 DMZ enthusiasts.

Their collective knowledge proved invaluable!

**Step 3: Explore Room 302**

Upon unlocking, prepare for unique challenges and potential loot. Each room is different, so be alert for traps or surprises.

**Expert Insight:**

Gaming expert John Doe believes that unlocking hidden rooms adds excitement and mystery to Warzone 2 DMZ, providing opportunities for new gear and skill improvement.


  1. What can I find in Room 302?
    Answer: The rewards vary from game to game; explore the room to discover them!

  2. Can any key open Room 302?
    Answer: No, you need a specific key obtained through various means as mentioned in this guide.