How to Head to the Grove of Dreams to find Arakunti in Genshin Impact

Title: Unraveling the Secrets of the Grove of Dreams: A Streamlined Guide to Finding Arakunti in Genshin Impact

Embark on an enchanting journey through the mystical world of Genshin Impact and uncover the secrets of reaching the elusive Arakunti in the Grove of Dreams. This captivating realm, designed by Lead Game Designer Johnson, offers a unique challenge and sense of discovery that every adventurer craves.


Before setting foot into this enchanted land, ensure you meet the following requirements:
Have a character with Anemo abilities for traversing the dreamland’s floating islands.
Complete the "Lumine Scriptor" quest to unlock the portal leading to the Grove of Dreams.

**Entering the Dreamland:**

To access the Grove of Dreams, follow these steps:

  1. Locate the Whimslichen’s Laboratory, which is indicated by a trail of glowing flowers.
  2. Interact with the Whimslichen and select "Access Dreamworld" to enter the realm.

**Navigating the Realms:**

As you explore this surreal landscape, keep an eye out for notable landmarks such as:
The Mushroom Emporium, where you can purchase various items to aid your journey.

The Statue of the Seven, which serves as a reference point for navigation and quest completion.

**Meeting Arakunti:**

The elusive Arakunti can be found near the Sogno di Venezia statue. Interact with it to complete the quest related to this mysterious entity. Once you’ve met Arakunti, return to the waking world and speak with Dottore in Mondstadt to receive your reward.


Q: How do I access the Grove of Dreams?

A: To enter the Grove of Dreams, first complete the "Lumine Scriptor" quest in Mondstadt. Speak with Dottore, who will guide you through the process of entering this enchanting realm.

Q: What’s Arakunti used for?

A: Arakunti is a valuable resource in Genshin Impact, primarily used for crafting various items. One such item is the Dreambloom Seed, which can be traded with other NPCs to acquire rare resources or artifacts.