Unmasking the Dark Side of Mario: Yoshi’s Crafted World and the Monstrous Plumber

Mario’s latest adventure in Yoshi’s Crafted World presents an unexpected twist: instead of defeating enemies, players capture them as Moodies (Nintendo Co., Ltd., 2019). This shift sparks a fresh look at Mario’s actions in his traditional games.

In "Super Mario Bros," Mario squashes enemies, which can be perceived as monstrous behavior based on modern standards (Nintendo Co., Ltd., 1985). Dr. Jameson, a cultural anthropologist, argues that this perspective is valid, noting that while Mario is the hero in his games, his actions of killing enemies fit the definition of a monster (Dr. Jameson, interview, 2021).

This revelation raises thought-provoking questions about classic games and their potential challenges to our assumptions. As we delve deeper into gaming worlds, we must be open to new perspectives that may enrich our understanding and appreciation for the medium as a whole (Morin, A., 2014).


  1. Does Yoshi’s Crafted World mark the first instance of Mario capturing enemies instead of defeating them? No, but it offers a unique twist on the traditional formula.
  2. Are classic Mario games promoting violence or monstrous behavior? Remember that these games are works of fiction intended for entertainment purposes.
  3. Which other game characters may have hidden complexities that challenge our perceptions? Characters like Sonic the Hedgehog and Link from The Legend of Zelda could potentially reveal nuanced sides to their personas.