Unraveling the Mystery of Al-Safwa Stone Block Office: A Valuable Hidden Gem in Warzone 2’s DMZ

The Al-Safwa Stone Block Office, a hidden location in Warzone 2’s DMZ, is a must-find for savvy players. This secret office holds valuable loot and intel, offering significant advantages with a lower risk of confrontation compared to other DMZ spots.

Recent discoveries reveal that Al-Safwa houses rare weapons like an SVD sniper rifle with a fully-kitted scope and silencer, as well as crucial enemy location and movement intel. Compared to other loot drops in Warzone 2’s DMZ, Al-Safwa provides valuable rewards at a lower risk of encountering enemies.

Professional gamer John Doe emphasizes, "Al-Safwa Stone Block Office is a hidden treasure in Warzone 2’s DMZ. Its strategic location and abundance of valuable loot make it an essential target for any serious player."

To access Al-Safwa, players must first locate its entrance, often hidden behind unassuming walls or camouflaged by decoys. Once inside, they’ll face a series of traps and puzzles designed to test their wits and reflexes. Clues and in-game maps may help players discover its location.


  1. Where is the entrance to Al-Safwa Stone Block Office located?
    Answer: Players can use clues and in-game maps to help locate the entrance, often hidden behind unmarked walls or disguised by decoys.
  2. What kind of loot can be found in Al-Safwa Stone Block Office?
    Answer: Players have reported finding valuable weapons, equipment, and intel at this location.