Unraveling the Mystery of Dr. Reed’s Lab: A Concise Dead Island 2 Detective Story

Embark on an intriguing quest to find Dr. Reed’s lab in Dead Island 2 amidst Ocean Avenue’s chaos. Clues hidden around the game may lead us there.

During my initial playthrough, I felt overwhelmed but discovered a cryptic message leading me to search for Dr. Reed’s lab.

Key Investigation:

  1. Look for unusual landmarks or buildings like a large, red building with a distinct symbol.
  2. Be prepared for dangerous zombie-infested areas en route.

My Experience:

I identified the Palisades Plaza Mall as the red building and discovered Dr. Reed’s lab in its hidden underground facility after careful navigation.

Possible Location:

Dr. Reed’s lab is rumored to be located beneath the Palisades Plaza Mall on Ocean Avenue.

Proceed with caution; the path leading there is treacherous, filled with zombie-infested areas.

Upon reaching Dr. Reed’s lab, discover its secrets and prepare for new mysteries that lie ahead.


  1. Where is Dr. Reed’s lab located in Dead Island 2?
    A: The Palisades Plaza Mall on Ocean Avenue holds Dr. Reed’s lab.
  2. How do I get to Dr. Reed’s lab?

    A: Players must navigate through the mall’s treacherous areas and unlock hidden doors to access the underground facility.

  3. What does Dr. Reed’s lab contain?
    A: The contents of Dr. Reed’s lab remain a mystery, but it may hold valuable resources or potential game-changing discoveries for players.