Why you may still be missing ESPN and other Disney-owned channels on YouTube TV

Title: Why Disney-Owned Channels, Including ESPN, Are Missing on YouTube TV:

A Frustrating Reality for Sports Fans

YouTube TV’s promise of a cable-like experience at lower costs with fewer hassles has left sports fans feeling shortchanged due to the absence of ESPN and other Disney-owned channels. The cause is an ongoing negotiation impasse between Disney and Google, YouTube TV’s parent company.

Disney seeks higher payments from Google for its channels than Google is willing to pay, leaving sports enthusiasts in limbo. This situation could impact YouTube TV’s growth potential (WSJ, 2021). Sports fans are turning to alternatives like Hulu + Live TV and DIRECTV STREAM, but each service comes with its pros and cons (see table below).


Comparing Streaming Services

|Service | Pros | Cons |


|YouTube TV|Affordable; no contracts |Missing ESPN and Disney |
|Hulu + Live TV|Offers ESPN and Disney |Limited DVR space |
|DIRECTV STREAM|Wide channel selection |More expensive |

Sports fans are left deciding whether to wait it out with YouTube TV or switch services while negotiations continue. Informed consumer choices are crucial for accessing desired content at preferred prices. Stay tuned for updates on this developing story.


  1. Why aren’t ESPN and Disney channels available on YouTube TV?
    A: Negotiations between Disney and Google have yet to reach an agreement, keeping these channels off YouTube TV.
  2. Are there alternatives to YouTube TV for sports fans?
    Yes, Hulu + Live TV and DIRECTV STREAM offer ESPN and Disney channels but come with their respective advantages and disadvantages (as outlined in the article).