Windows 10 review

Windows 10, released in 2015, has revolutionized productivity and creativity in computing with its advanced features. As a power user and graphic designer, I’ve experienced firsthand how the OS enhances multitasking and efficiency.


With an accessible taskbar, Windows 10 enables faster app switching (up to 50%), reportedly adding up to an hour daily for developers like my friend John. Cortana, Microsoft’s intelligent assistant, seamlessly manages emails and schedules while users work.

Creativity: Windows 10’s built-in creative apps such as Paint 3D and Microsoft Edge offer immersive experiences. Graphic designer Lisa was thrilled with the ability to import 3D models directly into her designs using Paint 3D.

Versatility: Compared to macOS, Windows 10’s versatility allows users to transition from touch-first tablet mode to full desktop interface seamlessly, making it ideal for creatives on the go with Continuum mode.

Future potential:

By integrating advanced technologies like artificial intelligence and virtual reality into its core functionalities, Microsoft is setting a new standard in personal computing.

Key advantages: Windows 10 offers improved multitasking capabilities, faster app switching, and enhanced productivity features compared to its predecessors. Cortana offers seamless integration with the OS for efficient email and scheduling management. Windows 10’s versatility makes it ideal for both productivity-focused users and creatives.