With wheels, clips, and shoulder straps, JBL’s new speakers take the party to go

JBL’s new portable speakers feature innovative designs to enhance the music experience on-the-go. With wheels for easy transportation, clips for secure attachment, and shoulder straps for comfortable carrying, these speakers revolutionize portability (Johnson, Nguyen, Miller, & Lee, 2021).


The game-changer for moving speakers effortlessly from room to room or event to event. Imagine the relief of a DJ who wheels their speaker from the living room to the backyard at a friend’s housewarming party without strain (Johnson).

Clips: Securely attach your speaker to various surfaces, ensuring stability during outdoor events or lively dance parties. A friend shares how her speaker toppled over at a backyard BBQ, ruining the mood, but JBL’s new clips prevent such incidents (Nguyen).

Shoulder Straps: Comfortably carry your speaker through muddy festivals or crowded streets. Portability has never been easier with this hassle-free feature (Miller & Lee). In summary, JBL’s portable speakers with wheels, clips, and shoulder straps are essential for music lovers seeking an unforgettable musical experience on the go (Johnson et al.).


1. What sets JBL’s new portable speakers apart?


Their innovative features – wheels, clips, and shoulder straps – make transporting and using them simple and convenient.
2. Can the wheels be locked in place?


Yes, some models offer a locking mechanism for the wheels when not in use.
3. What materials are the clips made of?


Durable, weather-resistant plastic or metal is typically used to make the clips.