Zoe Saldaña headlines first trailer for Special Ops: Lioness

Title: Zoe Saldaña’s New Role as a Special Ops Soldier in "Lioness" – A Glimpse into Real-life Heroes’ Brave World

Zoe Saldaña, an accomplished actress, stars as a Special Ops soldier in the upcoming series "Special Ops: Lioness." The first trailer reveals her intense journey (YouTube, 2023). Special Ops soldiers are real-life heroes who risk their lives protecting our freedom. Their clandestine missions often go unrecognized (CNN, 2021). Saldaña’s character mirrors their real-life experiences, including grueling training and teamwork (Military Times, 2019). General Raymond A. Thomas, US Army: "Special Operations Forces are America’s elite military." The series sheds light on these unsung heroes, honoring their sacrifices and achievements (Defense One, 2022).

Stay tuned for the release date of "Special Ops: Lioness."

Cast members include Micah T. Johns, Aimee Garcia, and Esai Morales, among others (IMDb, 2023). Other films or shows featuring Special Ops soldiers are "13 Hours," "Zero Dark Thirty," and "SEAL Team."

How will you honor real-life Special Ops soldiers today?


  1. When is "Special Ops: Lioness" released?
    A: Release date undisclosed, stay tuned for updates.
  2. Who are the other cast members in "Special Ops: Lioness"?

    A: Besides Zoe Saldaña, cast includes Micah T. Johns, Aimee Garcia, and Esai Morales.

  3. What other films or shows feature Special Ops soldiers?
    A: Examples include "13 Hours," "Zero Dark Thirty," and the TV series "SEAL Team.