Bypassing Discord’s File Size Limit: Empowering Power Users with Two Effective Methods

Discord’s file size limit hinders power users from sharing large files within their communities. This article explores two methods to bypass this restriction: splitting large files into smaller parts and using third-party file hosting services.

Method 1: Splitting Large Files

Split large files into smaller parts using tools like WinRAR or 7-Zip, then share the segments as separate messages in Discord.

Method 2: Third-Party File Hosting Services

Utilize platforms like Google Drive, Dropbox, and MediaFire that do not impose strict file size limits. Upload large files to these services and share the links on Discord.

Power Users’ Needs

Bypassing Discord’s file size limit is vital for power users involved in sharing large game files, patches, and mods in their communities.

Expert Opinions:

Tech expert John Doe emphasizes the importance of this workaround for power users.

Real-life Scenario:

A gaming community relies on bypassing Discord’s file size limit to share large files effectively.


  1. Is bypassing Discord’s file size limit a violation of their Terms of Service?

    Answer: No, as long as users avoid sharing copyrighted or illegal content.

  2. What risks are associated with bypassing Discord’s file size limit?
    Answer: Potential risks include data loss or corruption during transfer and privacy concerns when using third-party hosting services.