“Photographing Shaggy Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact: Tips for Capturing Their Majesty”

Wish to immortalize the sight of elusive Shaggy Sumpter Beasts in Genshin Impact? In this condensed guide, we discuss essential tips for taking stunning photos.

Understanding Your Subject: Shaggy Sumpter Beasts are large, furry creatures roaming Teyvat. They’re difficult to approach but make for magnificent sights.

Preparation: Proper equipment includes a good camera (e.g., Diluc’s Blazing Sun or Mona’s Crimson Wings) and a sturdy tripod.

Timing: Shaggy Sumpter Beasts are most active during dusk and dawn, increasing your chances of capturing them in action.

**Patience & Perseverance:**

Although not easily startled, their unpredictable nature makes photographing challenging. Stay calm and ready for the perfect shot.

**Expert Advice:** Liyue Harbour photographer suggests approaching beasts from the side for a unique perspective.

**Composition & Angle:** Experiment with different angles and compositions to create visually striking images using techniques like the rule of thirds or leading lines.


1. *What equipment is needed?* A good camera (Diluc, Mona) and a sturdy tripod are recommended.
2. *When is the best time?* Dusk and dawn increase chances of encountering active beasts.
3. *How to get close?* Approach slowly and calmly, avoiding sudden movements.

By following these tips, you’ll capture the majesty of Shaggy Sumpter Beasts in breathtaking images.