How to Head over to the designated location in the letter in Genshin Impact

Welcome adventurers to Genshin Impact’s vast world!

To efficiently navigate this game, follow these essential tips:

  1. Prepare: Use a map (M), reliable characters like Mona or Lizard Laout for gliding, and stock up on resources before journeying.
  2. Teleportation: Save up to three locations as waypoints (U) for quick travel, reducing time and resource consumption.
  3. Fast Travel: Utilize Statues of the Seven as convenient fast-travel points, scattered across Teyvat. Each can be used once daily.
  4. Optimize routes: Use map distance measurement (F) and compass (middle mouse button) to calculate shortest paths between locations. Look for unique teleport points or shortcuts.
  5. Expert advice: Community manager Michael (Reddit: MichaelGames30) suggests preparing resources, planning efficient routes, and consulting the community for travel tips.

In summary, effective preparation, utilizing teleportation tools, optimizing routes, and making the most of fast-travel points are crucial in reaching your destinations efficiently in Genshin Impact. Happy adventures!


  1. How do I save waypoints for fast travel? Press U to open the world map, then right-click on a location to save it as a waypoint (up to three at a time).
  2. What are Statues of the Seven and how do they function? They are monumental structures found across Teyvat that serve as fast-travel points, allowing quick travel between different areas without consuming resources (each can be used once daily).